Planetside 2 Player Studio Announced

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In a surprising twist, John Smedley has announced that Planetside 2 will allow community members to create in-game items and profit from them.  The original tweet read:

“Today we are announcing SOE Player Studio where we are allowing users to make in-game items and make money from them (40%).”

Most likely inspired by Steam Workshop, it’s an exciting proposition regardless. Reddit user bastiVS even said it could possibly fund his Art School tuition: “It basically allows us to get good quality work into big well known games, and even earn cash that way. It’s brilliant. Lets say I make a different skin for a gun or a sword for Planetside 2, Everquest 2 or Vanguard, and it gets sold for 2 bucks. Let 100 people buy it, and I just made 80 bucks (completly ignoring taxes right now, the price is random anyway). Let it be an absolutely awesome piece of work that many people like, sell 1000 copies of them, and $800 just get to me.” More information to follow.


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