Excellence in Sound Design, Part 1: Cha-Ching

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Excellence in Sound Design is a small series looking to recognize one of the most overlooked parts of games. From shotguns to soundtracks, we’ll be taking a look at some of gaming’s most deserving sounds.

This time, we’re highlighting sounds that bring out the inner Scrooge McDuck in everyone, hitting that sweet spot that makes you feel like a million bucks. Well, at least like 53 gold.

Score Tally in Sonic the Hedgehog

The classic Sonic games are well known for their fantastic music and sound effects. Countless covers and remixes have been made of its soundtracks and the iconic “ch-ch-ding!” of picking up rings is one of the best known in gaming.

After a particularly good run, it’s always gratifying to see your end score add up, and the 16-bit cash register sound afterwards seals the deal. For a brief moment, you can pretend that all the time you spent working towards that high score has some relation to monetary gain.


Last Hits in Dota 2

Last hitting in Dota 2 is everyday and essential, but the split-second symphony of slashing steel and ringing, clattering gold turns each successful last hit into a minor celebration. It turns each creep into a little piñata of  numbers and joy.

It’s like auditory confetti, and it only gets better the more you make. Playing the role of hard carry can involve upwards of half an hour of farming – potentially tedious, but the sweet sound of profit is often more than enough to keep the farm going.


Blue Plates in Tribes: Ascend

In Tribes: Ascend, every action is challenging. Simply maneuvering the map requires precision and finesse, and shooting people requires split-second physics calculations and powerful predictive skills. However, it rewards anyone who manages to tackle it thoroughly: skillful movement is fast and fluid, and well-aimed shots are both devastating and deeply satisfying.

Since most people aren’t part supercomputer, it’s difficult to land consistent blue plates. When you manage a particularly good one, it’s always cause for celebration. The cha-ching is the cherry on top of a fantastic display of luck talent.

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