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I’ve watched myself die countless times in games, but it’s never haunted me like The Swapper has. The hiss of oxygen flushing from my spacesuit fades gently, but the knowledge of this death’s necessity – much like many that proceed it – lingers unsettlingly, even if those bodies are just my clones. Moments ago, they were me.
The Swapper brilliantly explores mortality and identity through its tense story, refined puzzles, and awe-inspiring atmosphere. Every aspect of the game is carefully crafted to plunge you into the grim desperation of a deep-space operation gone wrong. First cast in clay, the game’s environments hold a dark beauty, finely detailed and deeply chilling. The soundtrack is a true piece of art unto itself, weaving heartwrenching piano and umbral ambiance into one of The Swapper’s stronger assets.
Though the game divides story progression and most of the puzzles, they are still thoroughly entwined with the game’s themes. The game clocks in at just around six hours, which allows each puzzle to be unique and memorable, and sticks the landing with an unforgettable ending that had me paralyzed.
The Swapper is made up of a number of expertly crafted elements that come together to form a thoughtful, captivating experience that doesn’t outstay its welcome. I almost regret buying it on sale – it’s worth every penny of the full price.


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