New Tribes: Ascend Update Addresses Community Concerns

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Recently, Tribes: Ascend‘s community has been in an uproar over the game’s potential and development direction. In a clear effort to satisfy these demands, Tribes: Ascend will be receiving a patch on June 25th that attempt to quell many of the community’s concerns, such as improved speed from explosive weapons, group queuing, and improved matchmaking.

The patch will bring two new Capture the Flag maps: Permafrost, which changes the flag’s position depending on the generator’s condition, and Dangerous Crossing, a legacy map which features the thickest fog yet. Finally, the patch brings numerous cosmetic options. Voice packs will be available to purchase, including female voice packs and the Australian “Disker Dundee.” Finally, a number of new skins will be added, this time for the Pathfinder, Sentinel, and Brute. Full patch notes are here.

Frankly, anything that allows you to look like Mr. T is a good thing. Here’s looking forward to a good update.



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