4 Games the Oculus Rift is Made For

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The Oculus Rift is a brilliant little work-in-progress set to bring virtual reality a couple inches from your eyes. As news of the development comes out, everyone’s abuzz about how it will change first person shooters. While games like Half-Life 2 will be a remarkable experience with the Rift, only thinking of shooters is just tunnel vision. Here are five games that would go together with the Rift like chocolate and peanut butter. audiosurfair

Audiosurf Air

The synesthetic glee of the first Audiosurf was an indie hit largely due to the seamless synchronization between your music and the starburst-riddled roller coaster ride of a rhythm game. Whether you’re enjoying a calm climb to smooth jazz or a dramatic drop with heavy metal, Audiosurf knew just how to mete out its action, matching the gameplay with the music.

Details of the upcoming sequel Audiosurf Air are few and far between – it’s still very much in development and subject to change. The teaser video made it clear, though, that the Tron-esque aesthetic is getting a thorough upgrade. Rippling pixels breeze past in your wake as the neon highway tears by. Being able to experience that sense of dazzling speed through the Rift would be stunning. simcitytiltshift


For all the (well-deserved) flak the game has received, its visual style is a charming take on city building. Instead of going for the realistic, simulation-focused style of previous games, the new Simcity brings a more toy-like aesthetic using a tilt-shift lens and more saturated graphics that make it resemble animated miniature figurines. It entices players to reach in and feel the world.

Its likelihood of supporting the Rift is admittedly slim. While it has been continually patched since release, the vast majority of it has been bug fixes. Supporting the Rift is a great attractor to upcoming games, but to add support to an already-released game is less likely. Despite that, if Simcity announced Rift support, it would be able to utilize its features brilliantly. aaaaaa

AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! – A Reckless Disregard for Gravity

Movies make virtual reality look glamorous: walking into a large, black-and-neon room, strapping on your glowing goggles, and zipping off into the ether.

This game would essentially boil down to staring at the floor and screaming.

AaAaAA!!! is a base jumping simulator that has you vault off skyscrapers, graze other buildings, and always stay a hair’s breadth away from snapping your legs. Break through plates to rack up score bonuses and do your best to stick the final parachute landing. With the Rift, AaAaAA!!! could be an adrenaline junkie’s paradise.  Throw in a swivel chair and it might just be worth the sore neck.



What Fuel lacked in challenging and fair AI, it made up for in atmosphere. It was certainly possible to simply select the races and challenges from a menu, but by exploring Fuel’s vast wasteland, you’d find the heart of the game. Custom skins and vehicles aren’t the only thing hidden throughout the landscape; there are even specific points labeled as scenic areas. Fuel was fun because going off-road wasn’t just going out of bounds – in races, it was a risk that could vault you to first or put you in last. Outside of races, there was something breathtaking about weaving between dunes with the sunset at your back and dry, distorted guitar complementing the dirty buzz of the bike’s engine.

The sad reality of any Oculus Rift support is that the burden would essentially fall on the modding community. The game came out in 2009, and even then, it was a port from the 360. It might be nothing more than a pipe dream, but it’s a beauty that’s worth the hope.


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