New Arctic Continent, Esamir, Added to Planetside 2

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Just this weekend, Sony Online Entertainment updated Planetside 2. Among such treats as an afterburner for the quad-wheeler and population cap changes, Planetside 2’s second continent was added, bundling all the fun of the Himalayas and massive warfare together. The update notes described Esamir as follows:

Esamir… The word itself conjures visions of cold, an arctic expanse of snow, ice, and rock. If you are interested in a wintry vacation from the heat, taking in the sights of a beautiful frozen land, or relaxing under the stars as hot ordinance rains down, then Esamir is the continent for you! Or something like that. There’s also none of that Indari sand getting up into everywhere. Look, all we know is that there are valuable resources crucial to our survival on this frigid continent, and you’re going whether you like or not. Now, suit up for winter and pack your thermals, soldier! We’re bound for Esamir! Head to the terminals in the warpgate for briefing and transport.

Aside from a decidedly frigid atmosphere, Esamir’s territories are less divided in a move somewhat reminiscent of the original Planetside. There has been a lot of back-and-forth about continental structure within the community on whether the new hex system is better than the old lattice system, and the feedback from Esamir should influence this. You can read the full patch notes here.


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