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Not Your Everyday Routine

Jun 26, 2013 No Comments by

The majority of games today set out to empower the player. Whether it’s in the hulking metal boots of a super-soldier or the magical garments of some arch-wizard, playing with power is a draw of many modern games. Above all, Routine conspires to make you wet your spacesuit. Routine is a first person horror exploration game […]

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Slash, Dash, and Cash: Warframe First Impressions

Jun 12, 2013 1 Comment by

Having soft-launched into open beta, Warframe garnered minor attention among the gaming press, but evaded the major headlines since the first beta began. Though it’s still in active development, Warframe’s an interesting specimen of a free to play game without a focus on competitive multiplayer. After spending some time with it, it’s clear it holds promise, […]

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