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New Arctic Continent, Esamir, Added to Planetside 2

Oct 07, 2012 No Comments by

Just this weekend, Sony Online Entertainment updated Planetside 2. Among such treats as an afterburner for the quad-wheeler and population cap changes, Planetside 2’s second continent was added, bundling all the fun of the Himalayas and massive warfare together. The update notes described Esamir as follows: Esamir… The word itself conjures visions of cold, an […]

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Torchlight II: First Impressions

Oct 01, 2012 No Comments by

At every turn, Torchlight II makes you feel like something spectacular just happened. As you’re hammering your way through an ancient crypt, you find a mace that has a chance to rain down a flurry of acid on your target. That’s cool. Using your new bludgeoning buddy, you slam your way to a level up […]

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