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Humble Indie Bundle 6 Arrives!

Sep 18, 2012 No Comments by

The sixth Humble Indie Bundle has just dropped! Coming with Rochard, Shatter,  S.P.A.Z., Torchlight, Vessel, and Dustforce (if you beat the average,) the Humble Indie Bundle 6 is one of the strongest. In addition, the bundle includes the full soundtracks for all of the above games, aside from Vessel. As with every Humble Bundle, the […]

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Planetside 2 Player Studio Announced

Sep 10, 2012 No Comments by

In a surprising twist, John Smedley has announced that Planetside 2 will allow community members to create in-game items and profit from them.  The original tweet read: “Today we are announcing SOE Player Studio where we are allowing users to make in-game items and make money from them (40%).” Most likely inspired by Steam Workshop, […]

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